PITZ & JOE is a full-length about a sister who brings her brain damaged brother home to rehabilitate him. Everything about Joe has been compromised. He has suffered a profound loss of his life: memory, time, thought, speech, movement, all freedom. Within the harsh world of these huge limitations a different and intangible freedom emerges; that of shedding the past and living in the now.  2 Characters, 90 minutes running time. (photo: Josh Brolin and Bari Hochwald in GeVa Theatre Production)

FOR DEAR LIFE, a full-length, is a huge ensemble piece about the 1979 Tehran hostage crisis, seen through the lens of a hostage who is trying to put his life back together.  10 characters playing multiple parts. 2 hours running time.

LAST KISS, a full-length. In the summer of 1967 when no young working class man could feel safe and secure, unless he could find a way to evade the draft, a final push for Vietnam leaves a small river town in the Midwest without its young men. Two women and their daughters struggle to survive the loss of their men and the loss of innocence.  5 Characters (4 female, 1 male) 2 hours running time.

COUNT DOWN, a full-length, is an ensemble interdisciplinary piece about the fragmented lives of abused girls, a teacher who tries to make them whole, and the inherent dissonance between the child welfare system and the reality of the girls who have no choice but to spend their childhood and adolescence in its care.   9 characters (8 female, 1 male) (Photo credit: Catlin Cobb)

SAFE, a full-length. Larkin is hip deep in trouble, about to turn 18, and precariously close to some serious jail time. With a mother who feels her son is safer locked up in facilities and a father who is living out of a truck, Larkin’s only savior may be NITZ, a kid Larkin finds sleeping in his bed when he returns from a stint at a facility.  7 characters (1 doubling, 2 female, 4 male)

THE BABY KILLER PLAY: The story of Martita, 17-year-old girl who drowns her 16 month old son, serves as the spine of the play. Woven in and out of Martita’s story is Ceilia’s, a woman who at one time relinquished motherhood but now wants a child. Unable to conceive, she undergoes high tech medical procedures.     (a full-length in progress)



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